BeaYOUtiful x The Roster

I especially love working with locals, so when the founder of BeaYoutiful reached out to me and invited me to be apart of The Roster campaign, I immediately said yes!

The Roster is a campaign that strives to redefine what the media would traditionally consider as “beautiful”. We are all beautiful in our own way, but a lot of us struggle to accept this. It’s hard to think that “I am beautiful”. Do you remember this Dove video (You’re More Beautiful Than You Think) from 2013? It’s an amazing video that summarizes exactly what I’m referring to; our self-perceptions are often quite harsh. We are harsh on ourselves, because of how often the media construct the ideal image of how a “perfect” woman and man should look like. It’s everywhere – on magazine covers, commercials, and movies, etc.


We all have those moments where we feel down about ourselves (myself included!). However, this campaign is great since it sheds light on this issue. By participating in this campaign and wearing the shirt, you embrace the perfections and flaws which makes you unique. YOU represent the shirt, in any shape and form, that expresses an individualistic complexion of beauty.

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Wearing the shirt means you acknowledge the significance of self-love and that your identity is not defined by social standards. We are all beautiful in our own ways, so remember that.


Join me in supporting this cause and shop the limited edition shirts on – 10% of sales for every shirt sold will be donated to BeaYOUtiful. Again, thanks Taylor Hui for putting this together.


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