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You may have heard of Bob Likes Thai Food here in Vancouver. If not, that’s okay because I am ready to give you a short and sweet review of this cute restaurant! So I managed to find this place while taking the 99-Bus route from UBC to Commercial-Broadway Station. I passed by the restaurant many times and noticed that it was always full. You know what got my attention? The adorable and interesting name. C’mon folks, “Bob Likes Thai Food” – How unique is that? Well, Boyu sure loves Thai Food too! So, I had to swing by with my bestie, Olivia, to give it a try!

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To start off, we both ordered the Thai Tea with milk. My bestie had never tasted Thai Tea before so I had to order one for her. Her reaction was “Wow!” and I was so happy that she loved it because she’s been missing out in life (haha). If you haven’t had one, please do me favor: go give it a try!

As for the main dishes, we ordered the classic Pad Thai ($10) and Chicken Cashew Nut ($13) with Coconut Rice ($3) to share as a family style meal. The wait was a bit long but that’s because the restaurant only had two servers at the time. One included the manager and she was very helpful with recommending us food. In fact, she recommended Chicken Cashew Nut to us! This dish was probably the better one compared to Pad Thai and Olivia agreed too!

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Overall, I had an amazing experience here. Our servers (yup, not just 1 but both of them) were kind and gave wonderful customer service. Not only that, but the price was decent and the interior designing was darling! Would I come back? Yes, I certainly would! I think this place is perfect for some catch up and quality time with your family/girlfriends/boyfriends. Even coming here as a first date is worthwhile!

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After our late lunch, we strolled around Vancouver downtown and Robson Street. It was too beautiful and sunny out to call it a day so we ended up doing some window shopping. Well, we needed to walk this food coma off and burn the calories anyway! Oh! We also stopped by this flower stand and the Peonies immediately captured our attention. Without a doubt, I grabbed my phone and took a photo of this because they looked absolutely alluring as you can see! This was one of those days where I got to experience how happiness can come from the littlest pleasures.

Address: 3755 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V
Phone: (604) 568-8538
Hours: 7 days a week, 5 P.M – late
Cuisine: Thailand
 Reservations: via phone

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