Pretty In Pink

Pink has always been one of my favourite colours because it just conveys the feelings of tenderness, sweetness and femininity. When I saw this pink dress from the Donya Vogue collection, I immediately fell in love because of how darling and fairy-tale it looks. I didn’t care that I didn’t have any special occasions to wear this gorgeous dress – I wore it anyways! There’s always so many beautiful dresses out there. Life’s simply too short to not take the opportunity to wear whatever one desires. I’m not saying you should wear one everyday, because that’s an insane idea. Well, unless you always have glamorous events to go to then that’s completely understandable. Please take me as your +1 if you do (Haha)! Anyways, here is my pink dress that would’ve been the perfect number for a wedding, an opening gala or a charity event.

Speaking of opening galas, I will be attending Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) from September 28th to October 4th. It will be my first time going to my very own city’s fashion show. If you don’t already have tickets, get them online or enter my giveaway, which I will post tonight with details on how to enter on my Instagram – so stay tuned! I will be giving away 2 VFW Day Pass to one of my followers. Make sure you enter so we can hang out and get to know each other! If you’re not a Vancouverite, that’s okay because I’ll be keeping you posted about Vancouver Fashion Week, so don’t worry.




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