Reaching New Heights

Currently, I am having some serious hiking withdrawals. I am so glad that I took some photos to reminisce on. Photos does not do justice of how spectacular the view was! I was at awe the whole hiking trip. We go hiking for many reasons, whether it’s to cross off an item off the bucket list, to explore, to achieve new heights or to overcome these heights. We all hike for a reason. Whatever it is, there’s one thing about hiking that we cannot deny and that is the feeling of accomplishment once one reaches these heights.

Hiking is always more fun and adventurous when done with your partner-in-crime. Lucky me, I had my best friend and boyfriend coming along to hike the Sea to Summit trail in Squamish. Because why choose one partner-in-crime when you can choose two 😉 ? This was my first time going on the Sea to Sky Gondola and tickets costed $37.95/person. This price is worth every minute on the gondola because the view is unbelievably beautiful, as it overlooks the amazing natural sights such as the mountains and shores in Squamish. If you plan on going, I suggest buying tickets online as it is cheaper (something I wished I knew beforehand!). Nevertheless, I had an unforgettable hiking experience at the Sea to Sky Summit and this will surely be one to remember! Here are some of my hiking photos. Would you like to walk through the Sea to Sky Summit with me?

Photo Aug 22, 1 00 49 PM
Photo Aug 22, 11 30 00 AM
Photo Aug 22, 11 40 02 AM

Photo Aug 22, 11 48 49 AM
Photo Aug 29, 9 35 15 PM
Photo Aug 29, 9 35 53 PM

Photo Aug 22, 12 30 11 PM
Photo Aug 22, 12 23 16 PM
Photo Aug 29, 9 37 26 PM
Photo Aug 22, 12 14 12 PM

Photo Aug 29, 9 36 58 PM
Photo Aug 22, 12 15 20 PMScreen shot 2015-06-11 at 11.13.49 PM


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  • Reply Stephanie 09/03/2015 at 2:33 PM

    It looks like you had an amazing time, and the views are incredible! I wish I had somewhere to hike near me, but the closest mountains are several hours away. Maybe at some point I will make the drive just to get a view like that. Absolutely beautiful!

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