In six days, I explored two cities: Tokyo and Kyoto. Because of the cultural differences between the two cities, I will break down what I did in Japan into two blog posts: Part I and Part II. In Part I, I’ll be sharing the 11 places I visited in Tokyo ….

Japan, Land of The Rising Sun


( Hello! )
こんにちは !

Upon arriving in New York I was able to attend Banana Republic and The Look AllStars x Kalani Hilliker fashion show. I also met some extraordinary people I thought I would never have the opportunity to meet such as Alexander Wang and Chriselle Lim. The places I explored were Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Soho, Manhattan, Little Chelsea and 9/11 Memorial ...

A Bite of The Big Apple

Check out my trip to the Big Apple!

Birks Fall Iconic Collection Empowers Women to Tell Their Own Stories

This fall, Canadian luxury goods retailer and jeweler Birks is celebrating its 140th anniversary. Having been in the business for more than a century, they have become one of the best curators of the finer things in life. To commemorate...

Rise &


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