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What's your ethnicity?

+ I'm half Chinese and Vietnamese

Where were you born?
I was born in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and then immigrated to Beautiful Vancouver when I was seven years old. Thankfully, I was able to retain Vietnamese and picked up Cantonese and English. I’m happy to be able to speak my mother tongue. 


What school did you go to?
+ I went to University of British Columbia and major in Sociology, but if I could go back to school again, I’d want to study dermatology.


Favorite foods?
+ I LOVE food and will go out of my way for food. Favorite cuisine is Vietnamese and Japanese. But, typically wine, pizza, avocados & sriracha on an average night would suffice.


My name is Boyu as in “Boy, u got it!”. All jokes aside, I wanted to introduce you to my lifestyle blog, where I’ll be sharing my personal style, beauty tips, travel diaries, self-development, and career tips. My goal is to live life to the fullest, create my own happiness, and to pursue what I love. I hope to inspire others to do the same.



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What made you start blogging?


I never intended to be a blogger. About two and a half years ago, my photographer and blogger friend asked, “Why don’t you start a blog if you love fashion and taking pictures?”. At the time, I was getting inquiries from different brands on collaborations too, so ultimately it made sense. In the Summer of 2016, the Boyu Ba blog site was published. I started my blog to express my creativity, to document my travels & foodie adventures, and to share my experiences in hope to inspire others to go out of their comfort zone. I'm glad I took this big step. 


What are some significant achievements?


I am blessed and grateful for all the great opportunities that have been knocking on my door as a blogger. Some of my most memorable and significant achievements have been:


+ Working with Tiffany & Co. - Being flown out to New York Fashion Week was a dream come true!

+ Collaborating with different beauty brands and meeting the amazing teams behind each brand 

+ Turned what I love into a business -Traveling the world and going to places that I never imagined before even turning the age of 25.



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