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10 New Year's Resolution Ideas to Become a Better You in 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

It’s official: Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to make your New Year’s resolutions (if you haven’t already).

And now that we’re in 2020, wouldn’t you agree that this yearly practice feels even more profound?

After all, what better time is there to take control of our lives and put plans in place for the future than at the beginning of a brand new decade?

From saving more money to travelling to different places, these 10 new year’s resolution ideas mean that you no longer have to strive to be a better person this coming year and beyond.

It will just happen naturally.

1. Eat Healthier

New Year’s resolution ideas 101: eat more fruit and vegetables and less salt and refined sugar. Your body will thank you later.

2. Exercise More

Be kinder to your body and your mind in 2020 by working out more, whether this is through running, going to the gym or participating in regular exercise classes.

3. Read More Books

Reading is a mental exercise for your brain, which can help you sleep better if you incorporate it as a bedtime ritual.

4. Save More Money

Have a stricter spending budget this year so that you can save more for your future aspirations, like buying a house or travelling.

5. Travel More

Speaking of travelling, nothing else in the world is going to open your eyes, give you perspective and push yourself out of your comfort zone quite like travelling. Do it and you won’t regret your decision, trust me.

6. Find a New Hobby

If 2019 was pretty much all work and no play, find something you really love to do in 2020 and commit to doing it frequently to aid your happiness.

7. Learn a New Skill

Develop yourself personally or professionally this year by learning a new skill, whether it’s cooking beyond the basics or taking an online course.

8. Have Time for Yourself

Sure, vow to spend more time with friends and family if you hardly saw your loved ones in 2019, but also ensure that you have enough time for you in 2020.

And refuse to sacrifice your mental health for anyone or anything.

9. Quit a Bad Habit

While we’re on that subject, commit to quitting a bad habit from now on. This could be smoking, drinking, tolerating toxic people and/or being glued to your phone and forgetting to live in the offline world.

In fact: let 2020 be the year that you say goodbye to anything that harms you.

10. Practice the Art of Gratitude

Finally, one of the best New Year’s resolution ideas I could give you is to be grateful for everything (and everyone) in your life.

I mean, there’s always someone in the world who will have much less than you.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for All

The promise of a new year (and a new decade) always makes us want to strive to be greater people.

And what better way to improve yourself physically, mentally and emotionally that with these New Year’s resolution ideas?

Whether you incorporate some or all of them into your daily routine, always remember to push yourself one step further. After all, doing this allows you to become the best possible version of yourself.

Here’s to maintaining good health and happiness in 2020!

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