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5 Fall Trends In Women's Fashion You Need to Know About

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

5 Fall Fashion Trends Women Should Know About

New York Fashion Week just wrapped up and some incredible Fall looks were on display. Check out 5 Fall fashion trends you should know about.

Plaid shirts and riding boots are great staples for any fall event. But if you want to be on the cutting edge of fall fashion trends, you need to think outside the box.

It's tempting to pass on the newest trends. But this 2019 season has proved that nothing will ever go out of style for long.

This year, designers are reaching back into their own archives for inspiration. They're also looking for new textures, like faux-furs and tassels.

Your wardrobe should always have a few classic pieces in it. But there's nothing wrong with embracing a trend every once in a while.

Check out these top five fall fashion trends, and see if anything catches your eyes.

Fall Fashion Trend #1: Get Clueless

Every girl in the '90s envied Cher's high-tech closet, but we also loved her valley girl style. Whether it was a velvet piece (like the one I wore to New York City) or yellow plaid, Cher was the It Girl of the 1990's. But if you think her looks were a little outdated, think again. Walk into your local Target and you'll find an array of Clueless-inspired pieces. Even if you're a virgin who can't drive, you'll still be the best-dressed one.

Fall Fashion Trend #2: Magenta

Magenta is the bold, in your face answer to our love for millennial pink. It's still a distinctively feminine color. But it's less "jazz and hygge," and more "hip-hop and girl power." Embrace this new color trend with your makeup or add it to your work wardrobe. Wherever you need a pop of excitement, magenta is here to help.

Fall Fashion Trend #3: Animal Magnetism

Head-to-toe animal prints are in this season. But it's not your typical leopard print that's making headlines. Tom Ford embraced animal prints straight out of a Lisa Frank picture. Hues like bright red and blues added a playfulness not found in the wild.

Designers are also embracing faux fur as a way to add interest to an outfit. It's warm and bolder than a typical quilted vest.

Fall Fashion #4: Go West

Western fashion is back again. Prairie dresses and simple shifts dominated this year's fall fashion trends.

You can add some western flair to your closet with an embroidered leather jacket. This trend is also a subtle way to keep rocking florals long after the last leaf has fallen.

Fall Fashion #5: I Love the 80s

The '80s have been sneaking back into our closets for a while now. Maybe it's because everyone was reluctant to relive blue eye shadow and leg warmers?

Whatever it was, we've dropped all pretenses now. This year, we saw the big shoulders and bold color blocking from Working Girl and John Hughes' movies.

The '80s are back, and they're not going anywhere any time soon!

Want More Fall Fashion Trends, Fashion Inspiration, and Tips?

If you're looking for more fall fashion trends, then check out my blog! I love sharing my passion for a well-constructed look.

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