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5 Reasons Why a Christmas Gift Card Makes the Perfect Holiday Present

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Let me guess: eight weeks ago, you felt totally relaxed about Christmas. You knew that there was plenty of time to shop for gifts, wrap up work projects and decorate your home in time for the festivities.

Then all of a sudden, December hits. Your to-do list is overflowing, the big day is almost upon us and you’re really feeling the pressure to get everything done.

But the gift-giving side of it feels particularly overwhelming.

After all, you want your loved one to appreciate and enjoy your present. You don’t want it to end up on the “worst gifts” pile like last Christmas or the Christmas before. (Yes, this happened to me. Eek.)

Struggling for ideas? Not to worry, I’ve got the answer. Read on for the 5 reasons why a Christmas gift card makes the perfect present this holiday season.

1. It Offers Choice

Firstly, a Christmas gift card gives the receiver the opportunity to decide what exactly they want or need from a certain retailer. It’s ideal for those friends or family members who like to choose their own gifts, which then reduces the likelihood of them having to return or exchange them.

There are also some options that work for multiple retailers to provide the recipient with even more choice.

For instance, the Christmas gift card works at 22 shopping centres in Canada, such as Metropolis at Metrotown that consists of Zara, Sephora, Hudson’s Bay,

Oak & Fort and more!

2. It Eliminates Stress

Gone are the days where you’re left scratching your head wondering what to buy for a loved one who has tastes you’re less familiar with.

A Christmas gift card is a fast and convenient purchasing option for those with super hectic schedules.

I mean, you can buy the one from any of their stores in less than ten minutes - and that’s your present sorted.

3. It’s Straightforward to Ship

Does your friend or family member live far away from you? Are they not visiting this festive period? No problem - Christmas gift cards are here to save the day.

The gift card, in particular, can be purchased online in a mere moment. Just enter the recipient’s shipping address and away it goes!

4. It Keeps Costs Down

When you buy a traditional gift, you don’t just purchase the item itself. I don’t know about you but I often end up spending more money on wrapping paper, sellotape, a tag - you name it!

That’s why the gift card is so handy. All you have to pay for is the amount to be loaded onto the card (between $25-$1,000).

Plus, it comes in a stylish box that the receiver can reuse. Win-win.

5. It Eliminates Waste

Finally, the best thing about opting for a Christmas gift card is that it reduces the likelihood of waste in a time where we’re becoming increasingly conscious about our consumption habits.

Personally, I think there’s nothing worse than putting a lot of time and energy into a present idea only for the receiver to use it once and never again - or not use at all.

(I mean, we’ve all been there - right?)

Opting for a Last-Minute Christmas Gift Card

Christmas gift-giving is challenging in the digital age when there’s so much choice on offer.

That said, if you’re in desperate need of a holiday present that’s thoughtful, practical and kinder to the environment, you might want to go with a Christmas gift card like

Merry Christmas, everybody!

*This post was sponsored by All writing & opinions are my own*

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