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A Bite of The Big Apple

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Growing up, I always had a passion for fashion. A lot of you don't know this but at one point of my life, I wanted to be a fashion designer, so I took textile classes in high school. I made a few dresses and they were showcased at local fashion shows. I loved designing clothes, but I hated sewing. I didn't think I'd be continuing with anything fashion related.

Not until I discovered Instagram, that's when I realized I could express my love for fashion in a different way by sharing it through posting #ootds. It started out as a hobby and something I did for fun because I love taking pictures. I had no intention of making $$$ or going full-time with blogging (I know you have all these Q's for me about blogging but we will save it for another time!).

On the way to my first show in Manhattan

Being a fashion & lifestyle blogger, it has always been a goal of mine to attend New York Fashion week. Well it happened to come to fruition much sooner than expected, as I had a brand sponsor the entirety of my trip, which was amazing on their part, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to cross such an iconic event off my bucket list.

Did I fail to mention that this was also my first time ever going to New York?! I was so excited, but anyways I flew over to New York and stayed at the amazing Club Quarters Hotel, which had a breathtaking view, and it was close to the World Trade Centre as well, near the heart of the city.

Views from Club Quarters Hotel, World Trade Centre

Upon arriving in New York I was able to attend Banana Republic and The Look AllStars x Kalani Hilliker fashion show. I also met some extraordinary people I thought I would never have the opportunity to meet such as Alexander Wang and Chriselle Lim. The places I explored were Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Soho, Manhattan, Little Chelsea and 9/11 Memorial. 

Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo Fashion Show in Little Chelsea

With the gorgeous and sweet @chrisellelim at Time Square

A seat reserved for me (How cute!)

With @mysecretavenue in front of a cute sign we discovered together

A quick picture before The Look Allstars x Kalani Hillifer Show

All about the Details with

Dress from Honeybum and heels from Nine West

I even got to take the subway, eat some pizza at Patzeria Perfect and avocado toast at Le Pain Quotidien as well as grab a cocktail at 230 Fifth Rooftop. The best part was soaking in bright lights at Time Square - what you see in movies is what you get. All in all, it felt so surreal to me because I was able to accomplish so much in 48 hours. 

Making my way downtown using subway

Avocado toast and spicy shrimp for brunch (Delicious! I recommend.)

A street I stumbled upon on my way back to Club Quarter Hotel

New York truly is a melting pot of culture and you can feel the rush every moment. If you ask what my favourite part was about the city, I'd have to say it was definitely feeling constantly being on the move. I was glad I was able to experience New York and fashion week both at the same time for it made me more driven to follow through on my passion for fashion and travel. I wish I could've stayed longer to experience more of what the big apple has to offer but I took quite a bite out of it despite my brief stay. I cannot wait to be back. NYC, I love you!


Thank you Kolevents Media & entertainment Pvt Ltd that represents the new TV series “The Look AllStars” and Kalani Hillifer for having me. Stay tuned for the airing of  The Look Allstars on TLC and Discovery in early 2018. A special thank you to Reitmans for sponsoring me and Ruth (@rumastyle) for taking me around New York.

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