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Birks Fall Iconic Collection Empowers Women to Tell Their Own Stories

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Maison Birks celebrates its 140th anniversary with Birks Iconic -- a collection of female-empowering statement jewelry including dainty necklaces designed for positive self-expression.

This fall, Canadian luxury goods retailer and jeweler Birks is celebrating its 140th anniversary. Having been in the business for more than a century, they have become one of the best curators of the finer things in life. To commemorate the milestone, they are launching Birks Iconic -- a fresh collection of elegant but wearable fine statement jewelry that features Birks’ signature motifs. Over the years, Birks has developed its own timeless style that favors clean lines and beautiful geometric patterns.

What I truly love about Birks as a brand is how thoughtful their collections are. Five years ago on their anniversary, they launched the Bee Chic collection which paid homage to nature’s greatest designer: the honeybee. The resulting pieces were bold and spectacular, to say the least. To support the protection of Canadian bees and wildlife, Birks pledged 100% of the proceeds of one part of the collection to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. How awesome is that?

For its Iconic collection, the motifs are designed to celebrate women’s authenticity and positive self-expression. Birks wanted women to be able to express their individuality and tell their unique stories through her jewelry. Each motif represents an empowering mantra embodied by today’s fiercest females: I am creative, I am untamed, I am survivor, I am grounded, I am a dreamer, I am a rebel, and I am a free spirit.

The collection and its message have left me wistful and emboldened to be more open about my struggles and successes as a woman. In wearing some of these pieces myself, including the statement necklaces you can see in these photos, I was able to express quiet defiance. Of standing out without getting too loud. Or getting too loud but not caring what the world thinks. In short, I’m in love with it.

Symbols are incredibly powerful and wearing them can be life-affirming. If you need to have a token that represents you so personally or to constantly guide you of what you aspire to be, or if you need something to help you express your journey creatively, then you’d thoroughly enjoy this collection as I did.

Thank you Birks for letting me experience Iconic and kudos for honoring women’s power and authenticity!

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