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Marble, Glitter and A Hint of Pink

I'll admit this, I am obsessed with stationary items and pretty little things. If you are ever at Winners or Indigo Spirit, you'll definitely spot me kneeling down and looking at cute notebooks and cases.

Talking about cases, I've switched my laptop and phone cases to this beautiful "matching mix". And guess what? I've had tons of compliments, and even strangers coming up to me at cafes asking where I purchased it.

So to answer the question, I got it at in which I discovered recently. What is so cool about Caseapp is that you can order custom designed skins. I opted out for the theme of marble, glitter and some pink for both my laptop and Iphone. But, there are other eye-catching designs that I also love (you should check it out!):

1) Oh, yes. Salmon 2) Black Marble 3) Minty Striped Flamingos 4) Hot Line Bling 5) Washy Wash

I'm sure there's at least one design that you'll love! If there are any cases that you're interested in, I asked for a discount code for my readers and they've been kind enough to provide one: here's the promo code 'BOYUBA20' that you can use.

Now, before you go - make sure you enter my giveaway because I am giving one lucky reader a custom designed case. To enter, comment below telling me how your weekend was with a smiley face.

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