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My Morning With Tiffany & Co

Rise and shine beautiful people!

I always start my day with a glass of water, a few stretches and a quick read of some inspiring sayings to start my day. I then text my boyfriend, "Good Morning babe! I love you always and forever." If he wakes up before me, he texts me first. Either way, we always show each other appreciation. These are little habits I do on the daily to feel happy, inspired and motivated. What's your morning routine?

I know some days are awfully hard and I get it because I've been there. My advice is to find something that can ignite your flame and it can simply be practicing yoga, listening to music or throwing on jewelry. Whatever it may be, do it and make it a daily practice of yours.

To celebrate self-motivation and self-love this holiday, I've worn some of my favorite pieces from the Tiffany & Co collection to show you how jewelry has the power to make you feel lively. So, sparkle on and sprinkle a little love everywhere you go.

Tiffany T Jewelries Featured: Wire Ring, Wire Bracelet, Square Bracelet & Two ring Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver Assistant: Olivia Leila Photographer: Norman Tam

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