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Parisian Vibes & French Connections

Oui oui mon ami, tis the season for change is amongst us! As the weather cools down and gets colder and our fashion senses become bolder. Make the seamless transition into Autumn this season by having your fashion choices fall into place as we dress warmer yet maintain your unique fashion sense by styling it with blouses and tops you already have.

Upon returning from New York Fashion Week, I was so inspired by everyone I had met within the fashion industry during my brief stay in the big apple (click here to read this blogpost). If you have been following me for quite some time then you know how much I love to play dress up and experiment with different looks. Life is honestly too short to wear the same thing over and over again, and plus it is always fun to venture into something new, and that is why I am so excited when it comes to fashion because the game itself is always growing and changing for the better.

I was feeling the Parisian vibes this evening and when I think of Paris I envision the essence of bold fashion pieces as Paris is the fashion capital of the world, and despite the outfits being so simplistic at times, yet they always go about making a statement. Through my French connections I was able to put together this unique yet simplistic outfit as it not only is every bit fashionable but comfortable in every way possible. Dressing up is a form of expression and expression of all sorts is art so in a sense I see myself as an artist, as I thoughtfully put together each and every one of my outfits.

Details – Top: Forever (Similar), Dress: Zara (Similar)

Bag: IMNYC (Similar), Hat: Gu Global (Similar) & Boots: Public Desire (Similar)

Photographer: Andrew Lau

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