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(Road) Safety First: The Benefits of Having a Car Dash Cam

What is a car dash cam? Why have one? Should I get a dash cam for my car? If you’re new to the concept, I can understand why you might be scratching your head right now. That said, there are actually many benefits of having a car dash cam.

And guess what else? If you’re struggling for ideas, they make a very useful Christmas gift.

Whether you’re thinking of getting one for yourself or a loved one this festive season, I’ve got you covered. Read on to find out why it’s so important to have a dash cam in your car.

As a Form of Protection

Firstly, one of the main benefits of having a car dash cam is they’re extremely handy if (heaven forbid) you ever have an accident.

After all, through their effective surveillance, you’re able to easily find out who was at fault. You could also use the footage as evidence when contacting authorities and insurance companies.

All you have to do is install one behind your rear-view mirror or on your front windshield from a legitimate company like BlackboxMyCar, North America's #1 dash cam and car camera supplier, and let the high-quality technology take care of the rest.

To Help You If You Break Down

Similarly, most modern dash cameras come fitted with GPS devices. This means that if your car ever breaks down, your dash cam can act as your very own GPS tracker.

Ergo, emergency services will know exactly where to find you and your car can be dealt with quicker. This leaves you to get on with your day without having to waste any more time and energy being stuck on the road.

Sounds good, right?

As a Way of Monitoring Your Car’s Whereabouts

Are you someone who constantly lets their friends or family members borrow their car? If so, one of the top benefits of having a car dash cam is that you can see exactly what they’re doing when you’re not around.

BlackboxMyCar have super nifty designs that connect to a smartphone app. This means you can review the video AND save it on the spot if needed.

And then there’s the little matter of being able to see what the people around your car are up to. Whether it’s your local mechanic performing an annual service or strangers behaving suspiciously around your car when it’s parked, you always have the power of surveillance to fall back on—and it feels really reassuring.

To Give Your Passengers Peace of Mind

Because the primary purpose of a car dash cam is to enforce road safety and security, another reason why you might want to install one is to put your passengers at ease.

Even though they’re particularly popular with parents who have young children, car dash cams can relieve road anxiety for people of all ages.

Ultimately, it’s time to stop stressing and start enjoying the ride.

The Benefits of Having a Car Dash Cam for Christmas

Sure, ‘tis the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy your loved one something that they won’t use or use once and never again.

Instead, why not go for the unique option of a car dash cam that will offer them protection and peace of mind every single day?

After all, (road) safety comes first. Always.

Ready to invest in your security? Good news! I’ve teamed up with BlackboxMyCar to offer you 5% off any purchase over $300 CAD on their website. Simply use ' BOYU5' at checkout.

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