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Shop Baly, A New Venture

BALY - the combination of my last name and my partner's together. Our goals is to bring new and unique styles to the Canadian market. Yes folks, it's true - I've been working on Shop Baly with my partner and I am pleased to announce that the shop is live!

Now, you know what I've been up to and that's the reason why I've been MIA on the blog. To celebrate @shopbaly's launch, I am wearing one of my favorite pieces from the collection. It's a great casual dress with beautiful lace details on the hem line and you can easily style it with shoes, boots or heels. I opted with white sneakers when Vancouver was warmer and I totally wore this outfit again in LA a few days ago. At 12°C with ongoing rain and strong wind, you definitely need to layer. I suggest styling the dress with a cardigan, a coat and some knee high boots.

If you're interested in this dress, you can use the promo code "BALY15" to get 15% at checkout. I can't wait to see how you'd style this dress. To see the full collection of BALY, head over to


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