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Vancity Love

Bloggers date usually consists of caffeinated drinks, desserts and some laughters as well as comfy casual wear. Let’s be honest ladies, we prefer comfortable fit over anything. I prefer to be in sweaters, jeans and shoes. What about you?

As of lately, I’ve been wearing this similar fit on repeat with my new Vans slip-on sneakers from Union Jack Boots. I have been obsessing over slip-on sneakers for its functionality without all the fuss of ankle-binding laces. I will confess, I hate tying shoes lace. The feeling of seeing my shoes lace untied while walking on the street is frustrating. If you’re on your feet a lot and transit quite a bit, I highly recommend slip-on sneakers.

You can check out other Vans slip-on styles here.

Sweater: Shushby – Bag: Zara – Jeans: Top Shop – Shoes: Vans

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