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VFW Blogger Brunch

Last month, I had been invited to attend the blogger brunch held by Vancouver Fashion Week. As you know, this is my first time participating at VFW, which is one of Vancouver's biggest events of the year. I was humbled to be invited to be apart of the show and even more ecstatic when I had received an invitation to the blogger brunch at The Parlour with the Vancouver Fashion Week team. I am always down for some pizza, so I RSVP-ed asap!

Below are snippets of the #VFW blogger brunch - please enjoy guys!

What I love about this event is that it brings people who shares the same interests together through food and drinks. And together, we have this small community of supporters that truly understands what we're all striving for. I met a lot of awesome local bloggers that day and they were definitely all very down-to-earth.

I ordered the Smoked Benjamin from Parlour's brunch menu. It consists of 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, capers, red onion, dill, cream and cheese. Have you ever had breakfast pizzas? Well, I've had and it tastes so satisfying! It's a combo of a pizza and an egg Benedict, neat idea right?

And here's a candid photo of me smiling and laughing to a joke another blogger had made. I think.

What's a get together if we don't celebrate with drinks right? So here's to new friends, connections and collaborations. Cheers! Once again, I would like to thank the Vancouver Fashion Week team and The Parlour for having me. I had a blast and loved the goodie bag from Revlon!


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